WHY AREN'T YOU COMMENTING? You're making me feel SAD and...LONELY. *wail* WHY must you ignore me? WHY? *sniffle* Well, goodbye. I certainly hope you're PROUD OF YOURSELF. *deep breath* Good day, sir.
toodles.... *see? Ms. Daffodil can't even say TOODLES with her usual SPUNK and amazing charisma! What do you have to say for yourself?*
Ms. Daffodil: The Rainbows don't shine like they used to...where did the world's SPARKLE go? What happened to the SWAGGER in my step?
Ms. Violet: *grabs Ms. Daffodil's hand* It's gonna be okay! *sniffle* It's gonna be oookay...


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    There is more than 'myself' there is US! A group! Caitlin-Ever, Lara, Elena-Alice! PEOPLE!
    We are amazing and really have nothing in common. We just love each other [Awww,]!


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