The Mighty Boosh!

The Mighty Boosh is a British TV show that is VERY VERY

funny! Its stars Noel Fielding as Vince Noir and stars

Howard Moon (TV name) as Vince's "accessory".

You MUST watch it!

It is very hard to find but it is on at 1:00

in the  morning on Monday.

You can also go to

and watch most of the episodes. You may have to go to for some full episodes, because some don't show

up completely.


Elena-Alice's Book!

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The case of the RAINBOW tights 101!

Let's be plain. No wait-let's not! This is what we like. WHO DOESN'T? Well certainly not you. You love this picture.
Oh, I am so sorry. Was that rude?
Hello, I didn't see you there [actually I did...], how are YOU?
Great, great.
Do I scare you?
Let's start things in a good manor. We like
RAINBOW tights, NEVER ABERCROMBIE, Flight of the Conchords, Drag Queens, and PRETTY BOYS (NOT LIKE ZAC EFRON). Ha, yes-that's right. Now don't get your hormones in a twist-you know you like them! BOYS!
What do YOU like, though?

What is our T.O.P website you may ask?

RAINBOWS are what we love! Who doesn't?

What we hate!  :'(

1. Buildabearville when it becomes non-responsive and boring!
2. Certain people that I CANNOT mention their names because who knows who will see this web page [SOME people know who I am talking about. If you do, good].
3. Chris Brown (HE BIT Rihanna! Mean! It's just mean.)

4. Internet that doesn't work, or quits a lot. Having NO INTERNET sucks more!

5. BAD rap music!

6. Annoying people

7. YoYos that don't work
8. Mean people (brings us back to numba' 3!)
9. Anna Faris
10. Parrots that bite. DX

This Sugar lumps by Flight of the Conchords video is what WE LOVE!

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